Junooniyat 10th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Jordan makes a plan to insult Jahaan

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The Episode starts with Jordan saying happy holi. He asks Husna to play the dhol. They all dance. Koka koka…plays… Ranjeet looks on. Ilahi doesn’t dance and thinks I won’t do anything that makes Biji feel bad. Husna asks Ilahi to dance. Jordan puts flowers on Ilahi’s head. Jahaan gets in between. Ranjeet imagines dancing with Ilahi. He sends the video to Ginni. She says wow Ranjeet, your and Ilahi’s marriage will happen now. Husna says they are so hot. She smiles seeing Jordan and Jahaan. Biji gets shocked seeing the video. Amar looks on. Biji shouts and calls Happy. She asks him to get the car. Amar asks what happened. Husna says I will make Ilahi dance today. Sunny asks Jordan his plan. He says we will make Jahaan leave from India. Husna gets two glasses of bhaang. Sargun meets Ilahi. She asks her to sing and dance, its holi. Ilahi says no, actually… Sargun says I have a surprise for you. A lady says two celebrity guests are coming. Biji and everyone are on the way. Amar asks where are we going. She says we are going to Ilahi’s college. He asks what happened to Ilahi. She asks him to see Ilahi’s video. Ginni says she is breaking your promise. Husna asks Ilahi to drink thandai. Ilahi drinks thandai. She makes a video for Diljot.

Husna asks Ilahi to come. The lady says please welcome Gurnaam and Sargun. They dance on the stage on the song Koke vich dil karke… She says we have come to make a special announcement. Gurnaam says Great Indian voice, start rehearsing, biggest music competition is going to begin. Ilahi, Jahaan and Jordan smile.

Jordan and Jahaan dance with Sargun on Nach dene saare… Ilahi also dances. She gets dizzy. Jordan says you all were waiting for the big holi performance. He asks them to welcome their guest. Jordan’s friends get ready to hit eggs at Jahaan. Jordan welcomes Jahaan. Ilahi wishes Jahaan all the best.

Jahaan gets Bobby’s call. He asks is mum fine. Bobby says she is fine, ask your dad, talk to him. Baljeet says your mum had pneumonia, she is fine now. He says Jahaan shouldn’t know that we don’t leave in your house, and you are paying for her expenses. Bobby says she is my sister, I m not stone hearted, talk to Jahaan. Jahaan says I feel strange, I should have been there.

Baljeet asks him to go for his performance. Ilahi and Jordan ask where is Jahaan. The lady ask Jahaan to come. Baljeet says focus on your performance. The lady says we want Jahaan. Husna says he is nowhere, if he doesn’t come, then it will be an issue. Ilahi says no, performance will happen, if not Jahaan, then I will perform. Husna thinks she is saying this because of Bhaang. She says no. Ilahi says Jahaan is my friend, its my turn to help him. Husna says we are in college, Biji won’t know. Jahaan gets sad seeing Dolly. Baljeet asks him to go and sing. Jahaan sits quiet. Ilahi says Jahaan isn’t a loser, his commitment will be fulfilled. Jahaan hears Ilahi. Ilahi says I will sing instead Jahaan. Jordan stops his men and says no one will do anything to Ilahi. Jahaan hears Sunny telling about Jordan’s plan of putting the mud over Jahaan, that will fall on Ilahi now. Jahaan is shocked.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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