Durga Aur Charu 17th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Charu sits in the mandap

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Scene 1
Charu tells Sampurna Durga is nowhere. Sampurna panics. she says what I will do now? Charu thinks I will find her don’t worry. Dadi asks Binoy what’s the problem. Binoy thinks she must be getting ready. Chumki says no one will see her. Chumki says she wasn’t feeling well. Charu looks everywhere. Sampurna says Charu does something. Charu thinks we can tell them she isn’t there. Chumki says Durga was fasting for Anirban. Guru ji says the time is running out. Dadi says I will bring her myself. She goes upstairs. Sampurna says what will people say if they find out. Durga’s engagement was called out. My Durga will be questioned forever. Please do something. Charu says I am sure she’s in a problem. She loves Anirban. She would never flee. Sampurna prays that they get some time to find her. Charu says can we stop the wedding. She says no Anirban’s dadi will never agree. She will resort to going back. She cries. Charu holds her.

Dadi comes in and says what is going on? Sampurna says I was bringing her. She looks at Durga in ghunghat. It’s Charu under the ghunghat. Dadi asks are you okay? She says yes. Dadi asks why is your face hidden? Sampurna says it’s our tradition. Sampurna says she’s fasting for Anirban. Dadi says she has such good manners. Bring her downstairs. Sampurna says yes I am bringing her. They go out. Charu says sorry maasi ma. This was the only option. Sampurna says don’t take it off. Go and sit downstairs. Charu says what are you saying? I will find her. SAmpurna says we don’t have time. Please save our respect. Charu says how can I do that. Charu says this isn’t right. Sampurna says for me please do it. She will shatter if this wedding doesn’t happen. Please do this and save her marriage. Charu says this is wrong. She says we are stuck. You just have to sit there. Durga will be married to Anirban legally. Please save her from this disrespect. I beg you. Please sit in that mandap.

Charu comes downstairs. Binoy says thank God you are here. I was so scared. I would have died if anything went wrong. Sampurna cries. The wedding starts. Charu goes to the mandap. The rounds start. Chumki says why are you wearing ghunght? dadi says it’s their ritual. She’s fasting. Chumki says but Anirban should see her face. Charu is scared. Sampurna looks for Durga. Chumki comes towards Durga. Rashi says they can see their faces in the water. That will also keep her fast. They see each other in the water. Charu hides her face with a leaf. Anirban still recognizes her eyes. He says it’s Charu in his heart.

Episode ends

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