Durga Aur Charu 15th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Chumki kidnaps Durga

Durga Aur Charu 15th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Anirban puts Charu’s hand on his head and says promise me you will never come to my life again. He was imagining her. Everyoen comes to his room. He shows his sherwani to everyone. Dadi says you will make the best bride. Everyoen gives him blessings. Anirban comes downstairs. Latika asks are you happy? He says I am okay. He says I will be honest in this marriage. I will never think about Charu again.

Chaur makes Durga wear her dupatta. She says you look so pretty. Durga says will everything be fine? Chaur says yes everything will be perfect. Durga says you do so much for me. Thank you. Charu says I am so happy. Durga says I wish you could come with me. Chumki says don’t make such prayers. What if she wins your husband’s heart? Charu says shut up. She says where were you in the pooja time? She says I went for pooja.

Scene 2
Dadi welcomes guru ji. He checks Anirban’s hand. He says his wife will become his security. She will protect you from anything bad. Latika is angry.
Charu looks after the preparations in the house. Sampurna says you handle everything so well. I don’t have to worry about anything. Charu says I will make sure Durga always stays happy. Latika thinks of ways to stop the wedding. Chumki comes to Latika. Latika tells her the plan. She says don’t worry, you have to do this before 12. Latika says I won’t let this wedding happen.

Charu says Durga why are you not ready? Chumki says I can help her get ready. Sampurna says drink this juice. She says no no. Charu says now she will drink from Anirban’s hand only. Durga says everyone is teasing me. She says I am so proud of your friendship with each other. charu makes her drink the juice. Sampurna and Charu leave. Durga’s head is heavy. Chumki sys rest for five minutes. Durga faints.

Scene 3
Sampurna welcomes the baraat. Chumki drags Durga to the store room. She locks her there and says I won’t let you get married to Anirban. You thought you won after sending my mom to jail. Sampurna and Charu come to take Durga. She’s not there. Charu says where could she go? The baraat is here. Sampurna says let me look around. They see her shoes. Sampurna says she might be in the temple. Charu runs downstairs to check. Dadi says we have to start on time. Call Durga. Sampurna says she needs a few minutes to get ready. Sampurna tries to tell Binoy. He says I am so happy. Binoy must be so proud. We did our responsibility well. Chumki says I hid Durga. I have to make someone realize Durga isn’t there. She says Rashi you can meet Durga upstairs. She’s in her room. Sampurna says she’s not ready. Please wait. Chumki asks is everything okay? She says yes. Chumki asks is Durga okay? Dadi hears.

Epsode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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