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Day 113
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Archana says all milk would expire. Keep it in the closet. Tina says let it be. Arcana cooks, and she says I don’t have ginger either.
Stan says I will gym all day today. What does she eat? Shiv laughs. Archana says Nimrit the dustbin is all dirty and out. Nimrit says I can’t force anyone. Archana says this is too dirty. Shiv says now she’s hanging out with people she doesn’t like either. Shiv says I don’t get it. Shiv says Shalin was up all night. He was walking around. Stan says he is acting all distressed now. Archana shouts that the dustbin isn’t clean. Stan and Priyanka laugh that she wants to be seen no matter what. Archana does work out. Tina says who do you wanna hit? Shiv says Priyanka does meditation. Archana says look at Shiv, talking about meditation and think about others. Stan says Sun God won’t come if you’re so negative. Priyanka says see how will I shut up him up.

2:15 PM
Archana says the doctor asked me how is your stool. I thought he’s talking about the chair. I said we don’t have stool in the washroom. Tina eopns washroom light for Stan. She says I had to walk all 10 steps. Archana says don’t go near you will die with smell.

3:45 PM
Nirmit says I can’t live in such dirty room. The boys won’t clean it. Archana screams in the kitchen. Everyone goes in. They ask Archana what happened. She shouts and screams. She says there is a lizard there. I am so scared of them. Shiv says it came because of you. She says you are chamelion. Priyanka says stop screaming. Nimrit says to Tina is it not unfair to me not have this shelf? Tina says I have this shelf from day one. Nimirit says you never adjust. You sound like a very spoiled person when you behave like this. Tina says you can ask others. She says you can’t used a shelf for small things where clothes can be placed. Tina says don’t shout at me. Nimrit says you always do this. Tina says I was talking to you politely.

Nimrit says Tina what’s the solution. You still have space. I have no space. I wasn’t getting personal. Tina says we will figure out a way. She leaves. Priyanka says she wants to make a point. Sumbul says to Nimrit Shalin has no one to talk to you. Nimrit says he’s playing sympathy card.

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