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The show starts with a voiceover of the little girl describing Jeevika saying who has magic stick in her hand and has golden dreams in her eyes, she might be worried, but she always has smile on her face, her hair used to scattered in air and it seems like her feet is on the sky. Jeevika is shown using the sewing machine and stitching something. Her sister is shown asking the girl not to stare her. Jeevika shows the blouse which she has stitched. They say it is good. The girl asks her to teach her stitching. Jeevika asks her to grow up fast and asks her to get ready to go to school first. Jhanvi’s mother calls her. Jhanvi runs away. Jeevika and her sister says Vahini. Jhanvi’s mother is in the kitchen and tells her Aai that whatever money she saves in chit fund, uses in the house, but your son refused to give me money even this month. Aai says if he is just my son, and not your husband. Jhanvi’s mother says he is son and brother and that’s why he has money for medicines and books for you all and nothing for me. Her husband keep the money on the bed for the expenses and gets thinking. Aai asks her to adjust for some days. Jhanvi’s mother asks if I will win lottery and tells that she is like dhobi’s lottery. Aai comes to her husband and asks if the money is 80000 Rs. He asks if the money increases with counting then we would have become Raja. She says this house is not less than a palace for her. He says 20000 Rs is less. Door bell rings. She opens the door. The goon comes inside and sits. Jeevika’s father says he was about to come and calls Pradeep. Pradeep gives 11000 Rs. They give 91000 to the goon. Goon calls other goon and asks him to bring tempo to take all the furniture, bike etc. Jeevika searches for the money and calls Pradeep. She gives him 8000 Rs. She searches for more 1000 Rs and gets it in the piggy bank. She gives the money to Pradeep. Jeevika’s father gives money to the goon. The goon says he shall get the money on time else he will bring truck next time. He threatens them and leaves. Pradeep asks his sisters why did they come infront of the goon. His younger sister asks if we will keep quiet seeing him threatening us. She says once I get job, then I will throw money on his face. Pradeep says 42 lakhs are due, what we have given is interest per month. Jhanvi’s mother says we shall get habitual to this insult.

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