Telangana: Muslim man was thrashed in Medak, Telangana, pregnant sister got hurt, child died, what did the police say?

Telangana Muslim Man Thrashed: A Muslim man was allegedly thrashed by a group of people in Medak district of Telangana. To save the man, his mother and pregnant sister came in between. He appealed to the people not to fight. Later the man’s sister gave birth to a child, who could not survive. People are seeing it linked to the incident of attack. Police said they were investigating and would confirm whether the man’s sister lost her child as a result of the attack.

According to the news agency PTI, the Muslim man who was assaulted by a group of people, is accused of abusing a person delivering gas cylinders and hitting him with a shoe. The incident is recent but on Thursday (May 25) the police gave information about the matter. The video of the person being thrashed is going viral on social media. It is seen that some people are beating the person. The man’s mother and pregnant sister are trying to save him. 

Police told why the brawl took place?

According to the police, there was an altercation between the person delivering the gas and the Muslim man over returning the empty cylinder. An official said that on May 7, the person who delivered the gas cylinder, who was in initiation (work done before the pilgrimage), delivered the cylinder to the victim’s house and asked for an empty cylinder in return. On this it was said that the cylinder would be available after two days. In the case, there was an altercation between the person who delivered the cylinder and the Muslim person. Police said that the Muslim man has been accused of using foul language and hitting the cylinder delivery man with a shoe. 

According to the police, the person who delivered the cylinder told his story to some people. After this people went to the Muslim man’s house and took him out and started beating him. Mother and sister intervened. Police said they had reached the spot and  dispersed the people. 

Cases registered by the police

Later the person who delivered the gas cylinder lodged a complaint with the police that the man had hurt his religious sentiments. According to the police, on the basis of the complaint, a case was registered and the accused was arrested. Police said that a similar case was registered against the mob and notices were issued to 11 people, including a corporator. Meanwhile, the arrested person’s sister gave birth to a child on 14 May who could not survive. Police is investigating further.

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