You will have to pay so much money as soon as you login to Twitter, you will still not get the blue tick, understand the whole thing.

X turning into paid service soon: Elon Musk brought paid verification system on Twitter to deal with spam and bots. With its help, the company removed several lakh bot accounts from the platform. However, such accounts are still active on X. Meanwhile, according to a report by IANS, soon Musk X can be completely converted into a paid service so that bots can be eliminated from the platform. This means that soon you will have to pay money to use Twitter. This update is for those people who are currently using Twitter for free. Users who have subscribed to Twitter Blue will not have to make any separate payment.

How much money will have to be paid 

At present this information is not available. It is not known how much money Musk will charge for Twitter login but it is certain that its charge will be less than Twitter Blue i.e. X Premium. At present the company charges Rs 900 for Blue Tick on mobile in India. Note, Musk is bringing the payment system for everyone so that bots can be reduced, in this the company will not give you a blue tick. For blue tick, you will have to take the service of Now more than 550 million users are active on Twitter every month and between 100 to 200 million posts are uploaded to the platform every day. Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion in October last year. Although the company had less users then, but after the new update brought by Musk, the company has more users. Especially after the X Revenue Sharing Program, the number of users is quite large.

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