WhatsApp is bringing this feature to improve your privacy, definitely keep it on

WhatsApp Protect My IP address in Calls: Meta is working on a new feature to make WhatsApp voice and video calls more secure. The company is working on a feature called ‘Protect IP Address’ which will keep your phone’s IP address safe during calls. That is, the caller will not be able to trace it. With the help of IP address, your location can be traced and anyone can do something wrong with you. To improve this problem and the privacy of the users, the company is going to introduce this new feature in the app. 

Now no one will be able to trace the location

You will see the new feature inside the ‘call privacy setting’. After turning on this feature, your calls will be secured by WhatsApp’s servers and it will be difficult to trace them. However, keeping this feature on may reduce the quality of calls because encryption and routing process is done through WhatsApp’s servers. This is going to be a beneficial update for all of us because in this digital age anyone can do anything with us. In such a situation, the new feature of WhatsApp erases the IP address ie location during the call and the calls become secure.

Can be done like this 

To turn on this feature, you have to go to WhatsApp settings and click on the option of calls under privacy. Here you will get the option of ‘Protect IP Address’. You have to turn it on. 

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