Virat Kohli wears this special fitness band, it is better than Apple Watch; Know its specialty

Virat Kohli Fitness Band: Virat Kohli broke Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 49 centuries in the World Cup semi-final match. Apart from this record, Virat Kohli came into the public eye for one reason and that reason was the fitness band tied on his wrist. Let us tell you that this fitness band was not a common band nor was it an Apple band. In fact, this band has more features than Apple’s fitness band. Actually, Virat Kohli was wearing a fitness band of American company Whoop, which apart from Virat Kohli, star basketball player LeBron James, swimming star Michael Phelps and golfer Rory McIlroy also wear."text-align: justify;">Whoop Fitness Band

Whoop’s fitness band is quite different from ordinary fitness bands and the details given in it are much more accurate than other fitness bands. With the help of this fitness band, Virat Kohli keeps a close eye on his fitness. Through Whoop fitness band, Kohli gets all the details of eating, sleeping and his recovery. Let us tell you that most of the sports persons wear Apple Watch, which also provides fitness details to a great extent, but Whoop Fitness Band is quite different from this.

Why is Whoop Band special?

There is no screen i.e. display in this band, which does not look like a smartwatch or fitness band. It is made by American company WHOOP. It actually looks like a strap. 5 sensors are provided in it. Also it is battery powered. It has a battery life of 5 days. It has to be paired with the app. After this, you can get the details of your physical health from the strap. This fitness band gives information about how much training you need to recover. With this, information about training load and sleep quality can be obtained. Apart from this, information about user heart rate, temperature movement, skin conductivity is available. The company claims that it has been provided with 5 LEDs and 4 photodiodes, which provides accurate data. This fitness band collects about 100MB of data every day. It is completely waterproof. It comes with wireless battery support.

Whoop Fitness Band Price

Whoop fitness band is available in 40 countries, its price is 300 dollars which is around 25 thousand rupees according to Indian currency. Whereas its full subscription costs Rs 19,895. This fitness band comes in 28 color options, but currently it is not available for sale in India.

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