This is how you can add new contacts to WhatsApp without giving or asking for a number, definitely try

WhatsApps QR code feature to add people: WhatsApp plays a very important role in today’s time in staying connected with friends, family and other people. All of us are also connected to the person sitting several thousand kilometers away through this. Earlier to add a new person in WhatsApp, we had to save his number in the phone. But now you can add people to WhatsApp even without saving the number. For this, you have to send the number as ‘Message Yourself’ i.e. on your own number in WhatsApp. From here you can click on it to chat directly with that person.

Well today we will tell you how to save new contacts in WhatsApp by scanning the QR code. This method will save both your time and effort. The facility to save numbers from QR code is available only in the main device. Means you cannot take advantage of this facility in Linked device.

Share your number like this 

To find and share your WhatsApp QR code, first open the app on your phone and tap on the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen. Now from the drop-down menu, tap on ‘Settings’. Then you will see a new page. Now on the right side of your profile page, tap on the QR code icon and then you will see your QR code under ‘My Codes’ option. Share it with the other person or scan it with their phone.

Note: Your QR code is private, but if it is in anyone’s possession anyone can use it to message you. If you want to reset it, from the same screen where you see your QR code, tap on the three-dot menu and select the option ‘Reset QR code’.

Add new contact like this 

To add any new contact to WhatsApp, ask the person in front of him for his QR code or scan it. To scan, you have to follow the method mentioned above. This time you just have to click on the option of Scan Code instead of ‘My Code’. You will see the new contact as soon as it is scanned, from here you can save it.

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