Smartphones will soon be charged without charger, work is going on on Qi2 technology, know what is this?

What is Qi2 Charging? We all use wired charging to charge our smartphones. If you are going out for work, you have to carry the charger with you. Wired charging sometimes spoils the mood because it causes many problems. Like adapter getting damaged, cable breaking etc. To relieve people from this kind of problem, wireless charging was introduced in smartphones. Nowadays you get wireless charging in premium smartphones.

In wireless charging you neither need an adapter, nor a cable, nor a charging port. To take wireless charging to the next level, you will soon get support for Qi2 charging in your smartphone. This will charge your phone quickly and will further improve wireless charging.

What is Qi2?

In fact, Qi2 is a new wireless charging standard that takes this technology to the next level. In this technology, the devices use magnetic alignment and different frequencies to achieve 15-watt fast charging between two smartphones. With the help of magnets, the device and the charger align properly, which increases the efficiency of wireless charging and the phones charge quickly. Qi2 is capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously as well as through thick cases and metal objects.

Who prepared Qi2?

Qi2 was created by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), a group of companies that promote wireless charging standards. WPC during CES 2023 "Latest Advancements in Charging Technology" As Qi2 was introduced. Qi2 could become the new industry standard for wireless charging as it provides faster, safer and more convenient charging of smartphones, mobile devices and smartwatches. Qi2 is compatible with existing Qi chargers and devices but you will need a Qi2-certified charger and device to take full advantage of Qi2.  

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