SIM Card Rule: There will be changes in the rules for purchasing SIM from December 1, know about them

SIM Card Rule: From December 1, the government is going to change the rules for purchasing SIM cards. These rules were earlier to be implemented from October 1, 2023, but the government has now extended it by two months and has now prepared to implement them from December 1. If you are going to buy a SIM dealer or SIM card, then you should have complete information about these rules. If you do not know these rules, then you are sure to get into trouble later.

SIM dealers will be verified

According to the new rules, SIM sellers will Dealers will have to get their police verification and biometric verification done. Besides, registration will also be necessary to sell the SIM. The entire responsibility of police verification of traders will be of the telecom operator. If someone sells a SIM ignoring these rules, a fine of Rs 10 lakh will be imposed on him. The government has given 12 months time to the merchants for verification.

SIM will be available only after demographic data

If a customer is on his old number. If someone wants to buy a new SIM card, then by scanning the QR code printed on it, his demographic data will also be collected.

This will be the rule for disconnection of the number

According to the new rule, SIM cards will no longer be issued in bulk. The government has started the provision of business connection for this. However, you can buy 9 SIM cards on one ID proof like before. Apart from this, if a person closes his SIM card, then that number will be issued to another customer only after 90 days. 

Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said about the new rule that cyber fraud, scam and With the aim of preventing fraud calls, the government has issued new rules for SIM cards. He said that about 52 lakh connections have been blocked to stop fraud calls. Not only this, the Union Minister also told that 67 thousand dealers selling SIMs have been banned by the government.

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