If you want to buy iPhone 15 Pro Max cheaply, then know these 2 ways, you will save thousands.

Cheapest way to buy iPhone 15 Pro Max: iPhone 15 series has been launched. You can pre-book the phone from today i.e. 15th September. Like every time, this time too the iPhone 15 series is quite expensive in India compared to other countries. The difference in Pro Max model is several thousand rupees. In such a situation, if you want to buy iPhone 15 pro Max cheaply, then we are going to tell you 2 ways through which you will get a new phone and your foreign tour will also be done. The good thing is that even after doing everything, some money will be saved.

According to the official website of Apple, the price of 256GB storage variant of iPhone 15 Pro Max in India is Rs 1,59,900. Whereas you will get this variant cheaper in Dubai and Hong Kong. First of all, if we talk about Hong Kong, the price of this model here is HK $10199 which is Rs 1,08,058 in Indian Rupees. That means you can save Rs 50,000 by going here. The total cost of traveling by flight is Rs 28,138. We have taken the data of Air India flight of 29th September. If you want, you can also take another flight. After purchasing the phone, if you wish, you can stay in Hong Kong for 1 or 2 days, the total expense of which will be around Rs 15,000. If you want to save money, you can also come back directly.

Pro Max is a bit expensive in Dubai 

iPhone 15 Pro Max is slightly costlier in Dubai compared to Hong Kong. Here you will get the 256GB storage variant for around Rs 1.15 lakh. Flights to Dubai range between Rs 8 to 10,000. Here also you can stay for a day or two. Despite spending time in Dubai, you will definitely save Rs 4 to 5,000 compared to India.

Note, the purpose of this article is to tell you that the new iPhone is cheaper in other countries than in India. We do not advise you to travel abroad because even in this situation your expenses remain almost the same. It is better that if any of your loved ones lives in these countries then you can get a new iPhone for them.

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