Government issued a warning for Android users! Credentials details will be leaked due to malware attack

Warning for Android Users: The central government has issued a warning for Android smartphone users across the country, in which the government has advised users to be alert from advanced malware attacks. Let us tell you that if your devices are vulnerable to this advanced malware attack, then your credentials information along with other confidential information can be leaked.

The government has told in its advisory that cyber criminals can install advanced malware on your device through social media and messaging platforms and OTT platforms such as WhatsApp, ChatGPT, Opera Mini, YouTube, Netflix and Instagram. In such a situation, we have brought you the information about  to avoid this advanced malware attack, which is going to be very useful for you.

How will advance malware cause harm?

The Controller General of Defense Accounts, a department of the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, has issued an advisory on remote access trojan named DogRAT, which is a platform of cyber security startup CloudSEK, in this advisory it has been told that once the advanced malware enters your device If it makes space, it can also capture your banking credentials, photos and keystrokes. Also, this malware can track users and record audio.

How to avoid advance malware attacks?

According to the advisory of the government, cyber criminals have recently created fake versions of popular apps like ChatGPT, Instagram, Opera Mini and YouTube. In such a situation, if you are installing these apps, then do not install them from third party platform. Also, the Ministry of Defense has advised the officers of their department to update their devices and install antivirus app in the device.

India is the second largest internet user market

Digitization has taken place rapidly in the country in the last few years. In such a situation, a boom has also been seen in the cases of cyber crime. According to the data of the IT Ministry, there has been a 171 percent increase in cyber attack cases in 2022 as compared to 2018, where there were 70,798 cases of cyber attack in 2018. Whereas in 2022, these cases increased to 1,92,439.

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