Google Play Store to be retired, PhonePe launches Indus Appstore for Android users

PhonePe: PhonePe is going to launch Indus Appstore for Android users to end the monopoly of Google and Apple App Store. According to PhonePe, currently Indus App Store will be free for the users and Android users will be able to use all the content available in it.

Let us tell you that you have been promoting your apps on Google and Apple for a long time. Was making allegations. Also, other apps said that both these app stores only work to promote their own apps. In such a situation, this step taken by PhonePe is being considered very important. Let’s know everything about PhonePe’s Indus App Store.

What will be the fees of Indus App?

According to PhonePe, currently Indus app will be kept free for Android users and the company is not going to charge any fee on it for the next one year. And after one year, users will be able to use Indus App by paying a nominal fee. 

Indus Appstore will not charge any platform fee or commission from developers for in-app payments. Developers will be free to integrate any payment gateway of their choice inside their apps. This is in contrast to Google and Apple’s app stores, which charge 30% commissions for in-app purchases. Because of this, Google and Apple App Store had to face criticism.

There will be so many smartphone users in India by 2026

According to a report, there will be 1 billion smartphone users in India by 2026, out of which the maximum number of users will be of Android phones. In such a situation, PhonePe is preparing to launch its Indus app in 12 Indian languages. According to PhonePe, Indus will have a dedicated section called ‘Launch Pad’ to make new apps in the Appstore better visibility as well as search-friendly. The platform will also offer a number of developer tools and features to address the challenges faced by most Android developers, including a dedicated round-the-clock customer support team based in India and the option to list your app in 12 Indian languages ​​in addition to English. Contains.

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