Google celebrates street food Golgappa, today has created a very unique doodle, learn interesting things

Search engine Google is celebrating Indian street food Golgappa i.e. Pani Puri today. Google (Google) has put a doodle on Golgappa today. This doodle has a golgappa game in which a user can select from different golgappa pani tastes to match prioritize the taste and quantity of each customer and place a pani puri order keeping in mind their happiness. You can help a street vendor to complete it.

Why Doodle

Google has created this special doodle because Indore, Madhya Pradesh A restaurant named Indori Zaika has achieved the world record for serving the maximum number of flavors of Pani Puri by serving 51 types of Golgappa’s pani. According to the news of Business Today, this record is made under the supervision of Master Chef Neha Shah. To mark the occasion, Google has introduced a new Pani Puri game called Pani Puri, a popular South Asian street food made of crisp water-filled balls of potatoes, chickpeas, spices, or chilies and flavored 

Golgappa has many names across the country

This popular street food (pani puri) shows many regional variations and is known by different names across the country. Maharashtra and Andhra In the state, pani puri is a small sized street food, usually dipped in a mixture of boiled chickpeas, white peas, sprouts and spicy water. In Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and New Delhi, golgappa refers to a small street food filled with potatoes and chickpeas, accompanied by jaljeera-flavoured water. Similarly, in West Bengal and parts of Bihar and Jharkhand, the street food is called puchka or phuchka, which has tamarind pulp as the main ingredient.

Here’s what Google Doodle says (Google doodle) is an animation that is used to educate the world about different subjects. Google has celebrated popur foods in the past through Doodles with beautiful animations and fun games. 

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