France bans the sale of iPhone 12 due to high radiation, if you also use it then know this

iPhone 12 Radiation rate: Apple has recently launched the iPhone 15 series. On one hand the new series was launched and on the other hand France has banned the sale of Apple’s iPhone 12. The government says that this device is producing high radiation which is not as per the standards. In fact, France’s Agency of National Frequencies has described the radiation emanating from Apple’s iPhone 12 as dangerous and said that its SAR value is more than the limit set by the EU. For those who do not know what this value is, SAR means Specific Absorption Rate. This is the radio frequency emitted from a device which our body absorbs and this is measured in SAR.

According to the French agency, the SAR rate of iPhone 12 is 5.74 watts per kilogram at a distance of 5mm, which is 1.74 watts more than the limit set by the EU.

Apple rejected the allegation 

Apple says that the iPhone 12 meets radiation standards and has received certification from international bodies. The company said that this model, launched in 2020, had passed the radiation test in France in 2021.

At present there is no need to worry because no evidence of any kind has come to light yet which suggests that it is causing harm to humans. Let us tell you, there is a difference in the rate limits of both EU and Global Radiation Standards. The limit set by EU is less as compared to other countries of the world. After France, now questions are being raised in other countries too regarding radiation limits whether the global radiation rate is really safe or not. Well, before selling the mobile phone, all its tests are done which ensure that the smartphone is safe for people’s health. On the other hand, at present no objection has been raised by WHO in this matter, which indicates that the radiation rate has not crossed the limit.

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