Buying Guide: How many Mbps internet plan is best for home? 10, 30, 50 or 100? understand here

How Much Internet Speed ​​Do you need: Reliance Jio

Choose the best plan like this

The most important thing is that you decide what is best for you. However, at home we all need internet for mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs etc. If you are also thinking of buying an internet plan keeping all these gadgets in mind, then 10 to 30 Mbps fiber plan and 30 Mbps Air Fiber plan will be best for you. Personally, I have Jio Fiber installed in my house. My current plan is of 30 Mbps and I can easily use computer, four to five mobile phones, smart TV etc. in this plan. In such a situation, you can also take a 30 or 10 Mbps plan (depending on the usage) because in this also you will get good download and upload speed. Also, the advantage of this plan is that it will not put much burden on your pocket and the budget will also remain stable. You will get 10 or 30 Mbps plan for less than Rs 500.  

Irrespective of the service provider, internet speed is good these days. If you need more internet speed due to personal work, like suppose you have a studio in your house or work is done on many computers, then in that case you can take a plan of 30 or 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps as per your convenience. Are. But for a normal family, a 10 or 30 Mbps plan is good and all your gadgets will work easily in it. I personally have been using the 30 Mbps plan for more than a year now and I have not faced any connectivity problem yet. Even if it has ever occurred, the reason for it has not been the internet speed but some problem with the router or fiber line.

Check internet speed like this

To check your internet speed you can visit website. Here you will see both download and upload speed. I am adding the current speed of my 30 MBBS plan in this article so that you will get a better idea as to what will be best for you. 

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