Are you also facing this problem after joining channels on WhatsApp? company brought solution

WhatsApp made the channel feature live in India a few months ago. With the help of this feature, you can connect with your favorite creators, celebs and organizations even without a number. To connect with any celeb or organization, you just have to search his name and follow him. However, due to the introduction of channel feature, WhatsApp users were facing difficulty in viewing status updates.

If you are connected to any channel, then you must have noticed that when you go to the status tab, all your statuses start appearing at the top in horizontal form. That is, they look straight ahead like a line and this causes trouble. Due to this, you do not understand which statuses you have seen, which statuses are muted and what is recent. To eliminate this problem of users, WhatsApp is working on a new feature which will give you the option to filter the status. Soon you will get the option of All, Recent, Viewed and Muted at the top to filter the status. 

You will get 4 filters 

Under the All section you will see the status of all the contacts. Similarly, in the Recent tab, you will see the status updates recently posted by people. Similarly, in the View section, the list of statuses that you have seen will be visible and in the Muted tab, you will see such statuses which you have muted. This feature is going to be beneficial for those who are connected to the channel and till now they were having trouble tracking the status.

At present, the company has released this update for Android beta testers, which the company can roll out for everyone in the coming time. If you also want to be the first to get all the new updates of WhatsApp, then you can enroll for the company’s beta program.

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