AI voice scam: Woman defrauded of Rs 1.4 lakh, you have to be alert? So use these tips

AI voice scam: You must have heard many cases of scams coming through social media and phone calls, but recently a shocking case has come to light, in which cyber fraudsters used Artificial Intelligence. And through this a woman has been defrauded. Actually, a woman gets a phone call from her nephew, which was prepared with the help of Artificial Intelligence. 

In this call, the woman’s nephew identifies himself as being in Canada and says that he has met with an accident. Because of which he has to pay the fine amount, for this he needs Rs 1.4 lakh. The woman, mistaking the artificial intelligence voice scam to be her nephew’s voice, deposits Rs 1.4 lakh in the said account and thus becomes a victim of fraud. If you want to avoid this scam, then here we are giving tips to avoid it, which can be helpful for you in avoiding AI voice scam. 

Ways to Avoid AI Voice Scams

  • Never give personal information over the phone unless you are certain about the identity of the caller. 
  • If someone is posing as a family or relative and demanding money, immediately Avoid sending and then call his/her number or talk to another family member to ascertain the seriousness of the situation. 
  • Beware of callers who ask for immediate money or personal information. Ask for. 
  • If you are being called in the name of a company and you are suspicious of the caller then disconnect the call and call the company back directly. 
  • Be aware of the latest AI voice scam technology. 
  • Scammers are constantly looking for ways to commit fraud, so avoid falling into any trap. Report any suspicious activity. 
  • If you suspect you are being targeted for an AI voice scam, report it to Cyber ​​Police immediately.


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