After France, now UPI will run in this country too, you can travel cashless

Sri Lanka Accepts UPI: We do not need to tell you how popular UPI payment is in India. The Government of India is now insisting on starting the UPI service in other countries as well so that Indian people can travel easily. Recently, PM Modi was on a 2-day visit to France, from where he talked about running UPI payments in France. After France, now UPI payment service is going to start in another country. Indeed, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe have signed an agreement in this regard. After Singapore, UAE, Nepal, Bhutan and France, now Sri Lanka is also the new country to adopt India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) payment service. That is, if you travel to Sri Lanka, now you will be able to make payments there through UPI.

India’s mobile based payment system, UPI allows customers to make instant payments at any time of the day. For this Virtual Payment Address ie VPA is used. Apart from UPI, talks have also taken place between India and Sri Lanka regarding petroleum line and land bridge connectivity. Let me tell you, in 2022, India had helped Sri Lanka with $ 4 billion including a loan. The Government of India helped the neighboring country to buy food and fuel to fight the economic crisis.

UPI service will start from this place in France 

UPI service has not yet started in the whole of France. UPI payment will start from Eiffel Tower and people will be able to buy tickets from Rupay card here.  During his visit to France, PM Modi had announced that UPI payments would be accepted in the European country as well. Apart from this, Singapore has also adopted UPI payment. India’s UPI and Singapore’s PayNow have signed an agreement to enable people to make real-time, cross border secure payments. 

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