WhatsApp gave special shortcut to iOS group admin, now this work will be done easily

WhatsApp Update : WhatsApp is constantly testing new features on its platform. Information about another new feature of WhatsApp has come to the fore. Although this update is not for Android but for iOS. According to media reports, WhatsApp has recently released its latest 23.1.75 update on Apple’s App Store. After the introduction of this update, it has come to light that under the update some new powers will be given to the group admin. Due to these powers, the group admin will be able to easily chat with the members of the group. No information has been received about when the update will be introduced for Android. Let us know the full details of the upcoming features.

New feature related to group chat 
Wabetainfo in its latest report gave information about this upcoming feature related to WhatsApp group. has gone. According to the report, WhatsApp has recently released its latest update on Apple’s App Store. Through this update, group admins using iOS will get some new powers. Through these powers, the group admin will be able to easily chat with the members of the group. A screenshot of this feature has also been shared in the report.

You can also see in this screenshot that when a member leaves the group or is added to the WhatsApp group, his number is highlighted in the chat. In this case, group admin will hold or tap on that number, then two-three options will be shown to them.

These options will be shown on tapping
as options Group admin will get the option to chat member’s WhatsApp, make WhatsApp call and add that number to their contact list. Apart from this, the option to copy that number is also visible in the screenshot. This feature will be especially useful for the admin of large WhatsApp groups, in which it becomes very difficult to find any one contact. If you are an iPhone user and want to take advantage of this feature, download the latest version of WhatsApp iOS from the App Store. 

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