What is this AnTuTu score? Why does every company give a lot of emphasis on this at the time of mobile launch?

What is AnTuTu score? Whenever a new Android smartphone is launched in the market, companies put a lot of emphasis on the AnTuTu score at the launch event. Mobile reviewers also mention this score in their videos. But do you know what is called AnTuTu score and how it is extracted or tested. If not, then keep reading the article further. 

Actually, AnTuTu score is a composite i.e. total score by including many tests. Through this score, companies tell how the overall performance of the phone is. The performance itself is denoted by a score. To do this test comes a software which is no longer in Google Playstore because this app was violating privacy. 

What are the tests?

The phone’s CPU, GPU, MEM (RAM access, ROM APP IO, ROM) and user experience are tested for the AnTuTu score. After all the tests are done, a final score of the smartphone is extracted. Like 6 lakh, 7 lakh etc. Through this score, the performance of different devices is known that which device is so fast. Mobile companies emphasize this score at the time of launching a new phone so that customers can be told that the phone is the best for them in that segment. Like tomorrow IQ is about to launch a new phone. The company has teased the phone on Amazon and there the score of the smartphone has been told above 7 lakhs which indicates that the score of the phone is the highest in the current smartphone segment.

If you want, you can also check the AnTuTu score of any phone yourself. For this you have to install the application in the phone. 

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