This light burning in the inverter is a sign of danger, immediately turn off the power supply and call an electrician.

Inverter Indicator: Forget about villages, there are power cuts every day in cities and metro cities, due to which it has become common to have an inverter in most of the houses, but many times there are problems with the inverter. Due to this, the life of the users comes in danger and they do not understand what to do?

Many indicators are provided in the inverter for charging, discharge and emergency. When your inverter is charging, a light on the inverter flashes on and off repeatedly. As soon as the battery of the inverter gets fully charged, two lights remain lit in the inverter and when the light goes off, one light remains lit, but many times you must have seen that suddenly the third light starts burning in the inverter and The sound of the city starts coming. We are going to tell you about the meaning of this light.

What is the meaning of the third light being on

When the third light comes on in the inverter, it means that there is a fault in your inverter or its battery. If so, then you can restart it once and turn it on again. If this third light still comes on then you should be alert and contact an electrician.

Why does this third light burn

This third light in the inverter comes on when the battery is drained of water, high voltage or any other problem occurs. If this is happening in your place too, then you should keep adding water to the battery from time to time. Also, the inverter should be checked by an electrician from time to time. By doing this, your inverter will last for years and you will not face any problem in case of power failure.

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