These 4 mistakes spoil the fridge, you are not doing any of these

Fridge Protection Tips : The fridge protects food from spoilage. Along with this, by storing ice in the freezer, you also make cold water for drinking, but when the fridge gets damaged, you have to face a lot of difficulties. In such a situation, we are telling you about some reasons that spoil the refrigerator, avoiding which you can use your refrigerator for years and years.

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Get the service done from time to time

Like the air conditioner, the service of the fridge should also be done from time to time. Many times people think that their fridge is running fine. In such a situation, what is the need of its service, but this carelessness causes major problems in the refrigerator.

Don’t forget to close the fridge door

If you forget to close the fridge door due to haste and it remains open like this for many hours, then let us tell you that this has a bad effect on the cooling of the fridge. Not only this, the cooling also reduces in a few days. If this happens again and again, many other parts of the fridge can get damaged.

Don’t use local parts in fridge

If any parts in your refrigerator have been damaged, then you should never replace them with local parts. By doing this, your fridge will be fine at that time, but after a few days many other problems will appear in it. Therefore, whenever any parts of the fridge have to be changed, only original parts should be fitted in the fridge.

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