Talking to 1024 people in a group became easy, WhatsApp brought amazing update for ios users

More than 2 billion people are active on WhatsApp worldwide. This platform is so popular that you will get to see this application in everyone’s phone. From time to time Meta brings updates to this application to improve the user experience. Meanwhile, the company has brought a special feature for iOS users. Actually, now group admins will get some special power on iOS, so that they can easily chat with 1024 members of the group. Know about this. 

These powers will be available in the new update 

In the latest report of WABetaInfo, a website that monitors the development of WhatsApp, it was told that WhatsApp has recently released its latest 23.1.75 update on the App Store. In the new update, group admins will get some new powers on iOS. A screenshot has also been shared in the report. It can be seen in this screenshot that if a person leaves or joins the group, then his number is highlighted in the chat window. After the new update, if the group admin holds on that number or taps on it, then they will see three options. The first option is that they will be able to chat with that member, the second is to call and the third is to add to the contact list. Apart from this, ios admins can also copy that number now.

This feature is going to be of great use for group admins on iOS because now 1024 people can be added to the group. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to find everyone’s contact. The new update will help the group admin a lot. To take advantage of this update, iOS users will have to update WhatsApp. 

Send photo in original quality

According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is soon going to bring a new feature under which users will be able to send original photos to their contact list. That is, the quality of the photo will no longer be compromised. Till now if you share a photo on WhatsApp, then its quality gets reduced and sometimes a blurred image is also visible. This problem will not come after the new update. 

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