People have been making these mistakes for years while pressing on clothes, due to lack of attention, there is a huge loss

Clothes without press look lifeless and especially on cotton clothes press is required. This is the reason why iron is found in every household. Clothes become shiny instantly with iron. To tell the truth, even a human being wears iron clothes. Iron is being used for years and people have been making mistakes related to it for a long time. Because of this many accidents happen and sometimes the iron also gets damaged. Very few people know that if some things are not taken care of while using iron, then there can be a lot of damage. 

Types of Iron

Now many types of iron are coming in the market, including steam iron, cordless iron, steam generator iron and travel iron. No matter why you are buying any iron according to your need, but keep in mind that you buy it from a good shopkeeper only. After this, follow the instruction given while using it. 

Keep these things in mind while using an iron

  • After use, the iron should never be left plugged in. If you are not using the iron, carefully unplug it from the switch board.
  • This is very important. Never, immediately after using the iron, move the wire in a circular motion over it. Also, it is better not to twist the wire even when the iron is cold. 
  • If it ever happens that you accidentally drop your iron, then do check it before using it again. In fact, the wires inside may become loose due to a fall.
  • Check your iron for damage to its cord and plug. Discontinue use if you notice any signs of damage.
  • It is extremely important that if you are using a steam iron, empty the water after using the iron. < /li>

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