Now these features including WhatsApp are also started in Samsung Galaxy Watch series, will be able to enjoy on these models

There is good news for Samsung’s smartwatch users. In the company’s Galaxy Series Watch (Samsung Galaxy Watch Series), users will now be able to take advantage of facilities like Samsung Wallet, thermo check and Whatsapp. According to the news of IANS, in a blog, Samsung has said in a blog that the new app series in Galaxy Watch will give users a great smart watch experience. 

Can also book show tickets 

According to the news, users will be able to use these platforms more than before. Last year, Samsung Wallet integrated ‘Samsung Pay’ with ‘Samsung Pass’. Now this will come in Samsung Galaxy Watch series. Users can now make payments easily with the all-in-one Samsung Wallet app. You can also book show tickets from your smartwatch.

These facilities will be available

The new Thermo Check app in the watch (samsung smart watch) allows users to easily measure the temperature around them. The app will be available on the upcoming Galaxy Watch devices first and later on the Watch5 series. Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch4 users can use WhatsApp in the new extension of the operating system. It has the facility to make calls, send messages and answer calls without taking out the phone.

Watch can be launched on July 26

Samsung galaxy watch series will have many features. It is quite likely that Samsung will launch its upcoming Galaxy Watch series ‘Watch6’ at the next ‘unpacked event’ on July 26. The company recently said that Samsung developers are working on a feature that will identify users’ tattoos on their wrists and give commands.

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