Multi language feature comes in Gmail, now you can translate emails in your language

 Gmail Feature : Through Gmail, you must be sending and receiving hundreds of emails every day. Many times these emails are in English, Hindi or some other language. If these are in Hindi or English, then you would not have any problem in reading them, but when the email is in any third language other than Hindi or English, then you would have to face a lot of trouble, but here we will help you in this matter. We have brought a solution to the problem.

Here we are telling you about a feature of Gmail used on Android and iOS mobiles, by activating which you can send emails in any language in more than 100 languages. You can read it by translating it into languages ​​and it will take you a few seconds. Let us know about this feature of Gmail. 

Multi Language Translate Feature

Google had rolled out this feature long ago for the desktop version, but when Gmail has rolled it out for Android and iOS users, in which you can translate mail of any language into more than 100 languages. Can.

How to translate emails in the Gmail app 

Open the Gmail app. After this, go to the email you want to translate.
Tap on the three dots given in the upper right side of the email.
Then tap on Translate.
Now select the language in which You want to translate the email.
Translate the email into a new language. After this that mail will be shown to you in your language.

How to use the new Gmail translation feature

Translation feature is currently in beta phase. This means that there is still room for further development.
Keep in mind that this translation may not be completely accurate. This isn’t perfect, especially for legal and technical documents.
This feature allows you to translate only one email at a time. In such a situation, if you have many emails in other languages, then you will have to translate them separately.
It may take some time for accurate translation and to use the feature properly.

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