Mobile charge is done by the one whose charger is found, knowing the disadvantages will open your eyes

With time today smartphone has become our need. Every small work and big business, today everything is confined to the smartphone. Whether it is for children to study, for office work, to know what is going on in business, to get stock market updates or to know the condition of the world, today everything is available on mobile phones. Most budget smartphones are bought and sold in India.

Generally today you will definitely see a smartphone in the hands of every person. Even if the person does not have arrangements for dinner, but somehow he has definitely bought a smartphone for himself. Everyone buys a smartphone according to their needs. Some look at the camera, some look at RAM and storage, and some look at the battery. People buy smartphones according to their needs and it is not wrong at all.

There is a separate charger for each phone

As the time is changing, the technology coming in the mobile phone is also getting advanced and the features available in it are also getting smart. Earlier, where one used to see low mAh battery in mobile phones, on the other hand, now 4 to 5000 mAh big battery is coming. Earlier, 5 to 10 watt chargers were available to charge these batteries. Now fast chargers ranging from 50 to 200 and 250 watts are coming in the market. Usually all companies provide a charger with every smartphone.

If you charge it with your mobile’s charger, then the battery life is good and you get battery support for a long time. But nowadays you must have seen that people use anyone’s charger at home or office or if they forget to bring their charger, then pick up someone else’s charger and put it on their phone. Know today how safe it is to do so. If not, then what is the damage to the battery of the phone, also know that. 

You are making a big mistake by not plugging your charger

-Many times it happens that the original charger of our mobile phone gets damaged. In such a situation, we bring cheap chargers from the market. Even though they charge our smartphones, they are not as good as the original chargers and slowly reduce our battery life.

– Every phone’s charger is different. In such a situation, if you plug the charger of other’s phone into yours, then it may damage your battery. Because your battery may not support that charger. Despite this, if you are repeatedly charging the battery by using the same charger, then the components of the battery may get damaged or they will not charge properly. 

-If you use other’s charger then there are chances of battery damage. This may be because your battery supports a 10 watt charger, but if you charge it with a higher watt charger, it will put pressure on the battery and the phone may explode or the battery may get damaged. That’s why always use the charger that came with the mobile phone because they are designed according to the battery. Keep in mind, fast charging will also be supported only on mobile phones whose battery is designed for fast charger.

– If you charge your smartphone by using other’s charger, then there may be times that your smartphone gets charged quickly because the charger may be of more watts. But this increases the chances of damaging your battery in the long run as the battery is not fast charger compatible and this puts stress on it.

Keep in mind, always charge your smartphone with the charger provided with the mobile phone. If your charger is also damaged due to any reason, then always buy original charger to maintain the health of the battery. Don’t get cheap charger for less money because it can spoil your battery and then you will have to spend a lot on the phone. 

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