Microsoft launches 365 Copilot, now using AI will make everyday office work easier

Microsoft’s New Assistant 365 Copilot Launched: Microsoft has launched a new assistant named 365 Co-Pilot to provide users with a different level of convenience using Artificial Intelligence. It can be used commercially, which will increase productivity and work can be done quickly and with safety. Broadly speaking, it can now be used in Excel, Power Point, Outlook etc. for everyday office work. All in all, AI from 365 CoPilot will help you get things done better and easier.

How will it help in office work

Documents can be created and managed using artificial intelligence in the co-pilot. Presentations and spreadsheets can be made and it will also reply to emails. It will come in all Microsoft applications like World, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Teams, Viva, Power Platform etc.

will act as a chatbot

Microsoft 365 CoPilot GPT – 4 and will work as a chatbot just like the new Bing Chat. With this, users will be able to generate content using the chatbot interface. Although it cannot match the human mind and the work they are doing, but according to Open AI, it will greatly increase the performance at the professional level and many benchmarks can be established.

It harnesses the power of the Microsoft Graph and large language models for users in Microsoft 365 to drive productivity.

will change the way computers work

This will be especially useful for businesses and will deliver good results in less time and with more safety. This will make a big difference in the way computers work. It will work with you in writing, editing, power point etc. and will help in completing the work quickly. The co-pilot knows how to give commands to other applications and it will get all the work done in a better way. It has built in safeguards which will give better security measures.

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