Know what is a proxy server, which works even when the internet is down

Proxy Server: If you are connected to the Internet, you must have heard the word ‘Proxy’ in recent times. The reason for this is WhatsApp. Actually, recently WhatsApp has updated a new feature on the app called ‘Proxy’, through which people can use WhatsApp even without internet. Especially this feature has been brought for those countries where WhatsApp is banned or people cannot use internet for some reason. With the help of proxy server, you can run internet comfortably even in the event of internet shutdown. Today, through this article, know what is proxy server and where will you get it. 

What is a proxy server?

Proxy server acts like a gateway between your system and the internet and keeps your identity (IP address) hidden. Proxy servers are used to access block websites or prevent cyber attacks on private networks. In simple language, you should understand that the proxy server acts as an intermediary between your system and the Internet, but without disclosing your identity. That is, when you access the Internet with the help of a proxy server, the IP address of your system will not be detected or your identity will remain secret. Understand that whatever you see on the Internet, no other person will be able to track it. That’s why when a website is blocked somewhere, that website can be opened with the help of proxy server because your IP address is not visible in it. This allows the website to have no idea who is accessing it from where.

This is how a proxy server works

 When you run internet through mobile, laptop  or desktop or visit any website, the information about whatever activity you do during this time is saved on the website. Your IP address and all the work you have done on the server of the website goes away. But when you access a website with the help of a proxy server, in this case the IP address of your desktop or laptop is hidden and the proxy server does all the work using its IP address. When you search or access anything with the help of a proxy server, the proxy server gives you that information from the Internet through its IP address. In a way, proxy server acts as an intermediate between the user and the Internet. Well, there are different types of proxy servers too, but we will not give you information about all this now because it is not our work. Or it is not used in our daily life.

Where to get proxy server

You can also search proxy server on the internet. You get the facility of proxy server through apps which are hosted by some other provider. For this you may have to pay monthly fees or sometimes it is free too.

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