Is the kitchen chimney dirty? It will be cleaned in 10 rupees, there will be no need of mechanic

Kitchen Chimney : Chimney has become an essential part of the kitchen in today’s time, without it cooking in the kitchen is difficult. In fact, the chimney expels the smoke rising in the kitchen and the grass used in the tempering of pulses and vegetables, due to which there is no suffocation in the kitchen, but many times when dirt accumulates in the chimney, people remember their grandmother to clean it.

If you also have a kitchen key There is a problem in cleaning the chimney then you do not have to worry anymore, because here we are telling you some easy tricks to clean the kitchen chimney, in which you will have to spend only 10 rupees and The chimney will be very shiny. Also you will not need a mechanic.

When should the chimney be cleaned

Chimney cleaning should be done at least once in 2-3 months. But, if you cook food with more oil and spices, then definitely clean it once every month. Apart from this, the cleanliness of the chimney also depends on its filter. In case of cassette filter, it should be cleaned every 8-10 days. Whereas, baffle filters need to be cleaned once in 2-4 weeks and charcoal filters need to be replaced once in 3-6 months.

Soda will light up the chimney

Caustic soda is also considered very effective for cleaning. In such a situation, the chimney can also be brightened. To clean the chimney with caustic soda, prepare its paste with water in a bowl. Then wipe the chimney with a dry cloth and apply it well on the entire chimney with the help of a soft brush and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Now wipe it with a damp cloth.

Use of lemon is also effective

If your chimney is very dirty, then you can clean it with caustic soda along with lemon. For this, you have to make a bucket of hot water and squeeze the lemon in it, then adding caustic soda to it, mix it well and clean the parts of the chimney.

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