Instagram users will soon get a fun feature, then there will be no need to open the app again and again

Instagram Live Activity Feature: Meta has recently launched Threads app. The app has crossed a userbase of 80 million. Threads app is linked to Instagram and you can login to it with the help of Instagram ID. Meanwhile, the company is testing a new feature in the Instagram app. The new feature will be known as Live Activity. The company is currently testing it on IOS. Under this feature, whenever you post a post or video in Instagram, you will see live activity of posting on lock and homescreen that how much it has been completed.

Till now what happens is that if you post a post or video or reel, we have to open the app again and again to see the percentage of it uploaded. We don’t get the idea without opening the app. But now soon iOS users will get the update of the post on the lockscreen after the arrival of the live activity feature. 9to5Mac reader Fernando Moretto noted that the Instagram app now shows live activities.  With its help, users will be able to see the live activity of the app on both the lock screen and the dynamic island. Note, this feature is currently available only for iOS users.

This feature has been rolled out recently 

Instagram has recently given users the option of ‘Download’ to download reels. This facility has currently been started for US users. Users can now directly download public reels with one click. For this, they do not need to save it by sharing it on the story.

In addition, Meta announced last month that it would launch the ‘Why am I watching this?’ Expanding the option to Instagram and Facebook reels. The company is making this feature available on the Explore page of Instagram so that users can understand why they are being shown a particular post. 

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