Google has given an important update in Gmail app, this is very useful for you.

Gmail ‘Select All’ Feature for Mobile App: We all have smartphones and everyone also has a Gmail account. Working people also have more than one account. Meanwhile, Google has given an important update in Gmail mobile app which is going to save a lot of your time. Also, for this work you will no longer have to login to your mail ID on the web. Actually, Google has added a feature called ‘Select All’ in the Gmail mobile app with the help of which you can select more than one mail. The benefit of this option will be that you will be able to delete 50 mails at the same time. As has been happening in the web version.

Till now, what used to happen in the app was that you had to select all the mails one by one. That means there was no option to delete together. To do this work, users had to login with their mail ID in the web. However, now after the update, Gmail users will be able to do this work from mobile. This will be more beneficial for those people who run more than one mail and it will also save a lot of their time.

Currently available for these users 

This update was first spotted by 9to5Google in Android version 2023.08.20.561750975. At present, this update has been received by the users of Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel smartphones running Android 13 and 14. It is expected that it will be introduced in many more devices in the coming days.

Personally, when we checked it on Realme’s device, this update was visible in it too. That means gradually the company is making it live for everyone.

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