Everyone should keep these 4 settings of WhatsApp on their phone, have you done it?

WhatsApp Privacy Settings: WhatsApp offers many features in the app to improve the privacy of users. Recently, the company has also started a ‘WhatsApp Chat’ update, in which the company periodically tells people about the features related to privacy. In this article, we are telling you 4 such settings of WhatsApp which you should immediately turn on in your mobile phone.

These settings are very useful 

  • 2FA: WhatsApp offers 2FA to keep your account secure. The advantage of keeping it on is that whenever you open your account on another device or open it after a certain time, WhatsApp will ask you for the 6 digit PIN that you have set. In this way no one else will be able to open your account.
  • App Lock: WhatsApp offers App Lock and Chat Lock to protect your chats. Keeping both on makes your account more secure and outsider cannot access your chats or data.
  • Inside the WhatsApp setting, you will find an option named Privacy CheckUp. Inside this you will see all the options which are necessary to improve your privacy. From here you can control who can add you to groups, who can see your personal information, message timers etc. .

Soon WhatsApp ’email verification’ feature is also going to be added to the app. After this, apart from mobile number, you will be able to open your account through email as well. However, for this first you have to add your email to WhatsApp.  

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