Don’t make this mistake if you book doctor’s appointment online, account getting empty without OTP

Even though the Internet has made our life easier and simpler than before, but on the other hand many difficulties have also arisen. We can book food, shopping, flight, hotel etc. on one click but one wrong click can also make us sleepless. If going to the doctor for treatment, people prefer to book an appointment online so that both time and money can be saved. If you also book an appointment online, then read this news carefully. This is because a woman from Delhi handed over Rs 60,000 to scammers while trying to book an appointment online. 

Delhi’s Tabassum Qureshi, a television producer by profession, suffered a loss of over Rs 60,000 while booking an online doctor’s appointment. According to a report by ANI, Tabasassum Qureshi was booking an online appointment on 29 December 2022.  He took out the number of the doctor’s clinic from Google and got a call on it but the call was not connected. After some time Tabassum Qureshi  received a phone call in which the person in front described himself as a staff member of the clinic and gave assurance of booking the appointment. In the police complaint, the woman told that she had taken Dr. Sushmita Sen’s private clinic number from Google but the call did not go through the first time. After this, she received a call from an unknown number and the person assured the woman of booking an appointment and asked her to donate for the orphans. The person sent a link to the woman’s number. Qureshi clicked on it and wanted to pay all the important details but the payment did not happen. After this Tabassum Qureshi used his sister in law’s mobile phone for payment but still the payment was not made. 

After some time, Qureshi received a bank SMS in which Rs 51,900 was deducted from his account. After some time, he again received an SMS in which Rs 10,000 was written to be deducted from his account. Thus Tabasassum Qureshi  loss of more than Rs 60,000 without sharing OTP. 

Then how did the scam happen?

Actually, when the scammer shared the link with the woman on the call, it was not a link related to any orphan children, rather the scammer was getting the personal information of the woman through that link. As soon as he got the information, he executed the fraud. This type of link is called a phishing link where scammers  steal personal information of people by putting some other reason in front of them. Like in this case the person stole the personal information from the woman citing orphaned children.

Keep in mind, never share your personal information or address, bank details etc. with anyone online under any circumstances. Never trust anyone, especially when it comes to transactions. 

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