ChatGPT told how to become a politician

ChatGPT: Open AI’s chatbot, which has created a worldwide sensation with its potential, remains a problem for Google. Open AI’s chatbot ‘Chat GPT’ is an AI tool based on machine learning fed publicly available data. This chatbot gives the answer to any of your questions in text format in seconds. Seeing the popularity of Chat GPT, Open AI has recently introduced its professional plan, in which people will be given better service than the common users. Means now the service of Chat GPT has also been paid.

To know the diversity of Chat GPT’s ability and knowledge, we personally asked it a question on Indian politics. Actually, we asked him that how can a person enter politics?  Chat GPT answered this question in just a few words. If you Google this question, Google will start showing you how many links, videos etc. Means there you have to research but Chat GPT tells you the work immediately.

This is how you can enter politics

Chat GPT said that it is most important for a person to enter politics Must be a citizen of and fulfills the qualifications set by the Election Commission of India. That is, the age of the person should be at least 25 years for the Lok Sabha and the state assembly and 30 years for the Rajya Sabha. Apart from this, there should not be any criminal offense on the candidate, nor should he be on a government job under the state or central government. 

To become an MLA or MP, first you have to fill the nomination paper. Then the nomination papers will be scrutinised. After this you have to do your publicity   After this there will be elections. After the election the votes will be counted in which if you win then in this way you enter the politics of India. If you want to be a successful politician then Chat GPT told that after winning the election you can join any party And can serve the public by staying under the party.

Politicians can improve their social profiles in this way- ChatGPT 

OpenAI’s chatbot ‘ChatGPT’ has also Told how a politician can improve his digital profile. The chatbot said that to keep himself digitally strong, the politician has to be active on social media apps and also publish the problem or solution of the people of his area digitally so that the work done by him reaches far and wide and people appreciate him. To go Apart from this, politicians can also make their profile good through digital advertising. Chat GPT said that politicians should constantly track their digital profiles to know which topics they need to work on and how they can engage people.

Disclaimer! Whatever answers/responses have come after asking questions on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, we have used them exactly in the news. We are not responsible for the responses given by ChatGPT or their effects.

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