Android users on target of Pakistani hackers, do not use these apps to stay safe

Cyber ​​Attack : Pakistani hackers are targeting Indian Android users. This information has come to light recently, in which it has been revealed that hackers are spreading viruses in the phones of Indian users by creating fake apps similar to some popular apps in India and then spying on them.

If you want to avoid these Pakistani hackers, then here we have given you complete information about them. In which we will tell you how Pakistani hackers are targeting Indian Android users and how they are stealing their personal information.

How are hackers hacking

Pakistani hackers Transparent Tribe are infiltrating the mobiles of Indian Android users with the help of CapraRAT, in which hackers are creating a fake app similar to YouTube and installing CapraRAT in the mobiles of Indian Android users and after that they have access to Android mobiles. Remote access comes.

Who have been targeted

A group of Pakistani hackers is spying against people related to Kashmir issues and activists doing human rights work on Pakistan related issues through CapraRAT mobile remote access trojan. According to security researcher Alex Delamotte, CapraRAT is a highly aggressive malware, which infiltrates the Android device and steals all the data.

How is the virus spreading

According to tech experts, this dangerous app is not available on Google Play Store. Pakistani hackers are using social media and other websites to install this app. Where they give tempting lure to install it. As soon as CapraRAT is installed in your Android mobile, your device becomes accessible to Pakistani hackers.

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