AC not cooling the room? So do this work… Then the room will be completely chilled.

Temperature has started increasing gradually in the capital Delhi and people have started buying fans-coolers and ACs. Those people who already have such a thing in their house, they are getting it cleaned or serviced. There are many people who do not get the service done in the new season and then due to this their AC does not cool the room properly. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you how you can increase the cooling of your AC.

Because of these reasons AC does not cool the room quickly

AC Filter 

If you do not clean the filter of your AC for a long time, then the cooling of AC also reduces because the dirt keeps getting accumulated in the filter continuously. Due to the accumulation of dirt, the air flow becomes very less, due to which the room does not cool down quickly. If your AC filter is also stained with dust, then clean it immediately and then you will see the difference. 

Check the condenser coil

A part of the split AC is kept inside the house but the part with the condenser coil is outside the house due to which the hot air of the room comes out. Because this part is placed outside, dust or soil in it too or sometimes birds make their nests. Due to this, the condenser coil does not throw out the hot air of the room properly and the room does not cool down quickly. You can take the help of brush or water spray to clean the condenser coil.

Look at AC motor

Due to the fluctuation in the light many times there is an impact in the AC motor and because of this also the room does not cool down quickly. If the AC filter and other things are working properly, then you must get the AC motor checked by a professional. Apart from this, you must also check the thermostat and compressor of the AC. Sometimes the room does not cool down quickly due to some fault in them. Note, when you turn on the AC, close windows, doors etc. for better cooling. 

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