Teachers Shortage in US: Shortage of teachers in America! Research report revealed, know why disillusionment is happening in this profession?

Research On Teachers In America: As there is a shortage of teachers in America. At present, the workload on the teachers doing duty is increasing. In such a situation, many teachers are leaving their jobs due to lack of satisfaction. Here in the research of the University of Missouri, it has been revealed that stressed and exhausted teachers are leaving their profession.

According to the study of Missouri University, teachers are facing stress in their jobs and they are not getting satisfaction in this work. Seth Woods, a former doctoral student at the university, conducted the survey in collaboration with Keith Harman, Curator Distinguished Professor in the MU College of Education and Human Development, and others. 

They collaborated to analyze survey data from 2,300 teachers in Missouri and Oklahoma. In this, it was asked to find out whether the teachers who are at work, how much stress is there and during that time whether they adopt methods to deal with stress or not, whether they are satisfied with their jobs or not.

Survey of 2,300 teachers in Missouri and Oklahoma
While what we found was not shocking, Woods said, the study sheds light on how A teacher’s ability, or inability, to cope with stress can be a contributing factor to how many teachers end up leaving the profession due to stress. 

Understanding ‘the healthy copying mechanism’
Woods said, "In my 20 years as a teacher, I’ve seen many great people leave the profession, and this research confirms that it’s important for teachers to understand healthy mechanisms to help them adopt them. We need to start giving more time and resources."

He said, "Like one is a principal at Beulah Ralph Elementary School in Columbia, Missouri. They try to find ways to reduce stress and deal with it in a positive way. The research we’ve done will help us continually hire and train new teachers all the time. In addition, retaining experienced faculty will be of great benefit to the students."

Read the book ‘Stress Management for Teachers: A Proactive Guide’
According to Woods, the research team found that by promoting positivity and healthy coping mechanisms, teachers It will be easy to perform their duty and they will be able to remain stress-free. One helpful coping mechanism, Woods suggests, for teachers dealing with stress is teaching in a way that creates a happy environment.

Herman "Stress Management for Teachers: A Proactive Guide" Wrote a book called He says even simple things like increasing positive interactions with students and peers, improving classroom management skills and avoiding gossip at work can help. 

‘Systematic issues have to be resolved’

Herman said that systemic issues, such as low teacher pay and excessive work pressure on teachers, are major reasons for turning them away from the profession. In such a situation, school principals, district superintendents and school administrators can play an important role by supporting all those stressed teachers.

‘Such a school environment should be prepared’

Herman said, "Communicating with teachers about their concerns, showing empathy, and checking on their health and well-being shows that you care." He said, "Our overall goal is to create a school environment that allows teachers to flourish and provide them with the tools they need to succeed."

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