Surguja Coronavirus News: One died of corona in Surguja, died within 5 hours of admission, 98 new cases registered in 10 days

Surguja News: A 47-year-old infected man died during treatment within five hours of being admitted to the Medical College Hospital amid increasing cases of corona in Surguja district. Talking about the latest cases, this is the first death in Surguja from Corona. According to the hospital management, a youth resident of Bhitthikala was admitted to the Kovid ward of the Medical College on Sunday at 7.30 am due to difficulty in breathing, his report came positive in the investigation. During treatment, his breathing stopped at around 11.30 am. 

At present ten patients are admitted in the Medical College Hospital. The concern of the citizens has increased due to the death of the patient from Corona and the increase in the number of infected people. At the same time, the health department along with the district administration is in alert mode and while continuously reviewing the situation, appeals are also being made to common citizens to take necessary precautions. 

In Surguja district, on April 12, new infected were identified at the rate of 16.4 percent, while on April 14, new patients were found at the rate of 12.1 percent. At present, 67 active cases were found in the district, while on April 15, 25 new patients were identified at the rate of 10.2 percent. 

According to the health department, after a long time, new infected people started getting infected in Surguja in the month of March. A total of three infected were identified in March, while in April the number of infected increased manifold. As of April 15, 98 new infected have been identified in Surguja, out of which 6 patients have been discharged, while 92 are active cases. Corona cases are increasing across the country. 

The administration gave these instructions for the rescue of the people

In such a situation, with the increase in the number of infected people in the district as well, on the instructions of the government, the administration has been advised to follow the corona rules to protect the people. Along with this, people have also been asked to avoid going to crowded places. Here people are still showing negligence. Most of the people are shying away from getting tested despite having symptoms. At the same time, people are not serious about taking other precautions including masks. 

Dean of the Medical College, Dr. Ramanesh Murthy inspected the hospital and reviewed the preparations in the Kovid ward. He told that at present there is an isolation center of 15 beds. Apart from this, additional 15 oxygen beds are being reserved in Sitaram ward. As the number of infected will increase. As per the requirement, 100 to 200 beds will be made ready by restoring the old Covid resources. 

He told that Kovid OT has been activated. Two infected pregnant women have been delivered by operation within a week. There are about 400 big and small oxygen cylinders with jumbo. Four oxygen plants are active. 

Treatment of Patients in Home Isolation

Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. PS Sisodia said that at present there is relief from not having serious symptoms in the new infected. As of Saturday, out of 92 active cases, more than 70 infected have been allowed home isolation. There is a need to admit very few patients in the hospital. He has said that no guidelines have yet come from the government regarding vaccination. 

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