‘Super Chor’ Bunty arrested, on which film has been made, also went to Bigg Boss

Delhi Super Thief Bunty: Bunty alias Devendra, known as ‘Super Thief’, has been arrested by the Delhi Police (Devendra). The police arrested Bunty after chasing her till Kanpur city. Bunty has executed the incident of theft in two houses in Greater Kailash in the past. Police have recovered 2 stolen laptops, 3 mobile phones, 5 LCD and other items from Bunty. 

Bunty is accused of committing more than 500 thefts across the country. Bunty is so well known all over the country regarding the incident of theft that a film has also been made on it, along with this person has also gone to Bigg Boss. However, he left Bigg Boss midway. Bunty has also been sentenced to 10 years for stealing a businessman’s house in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala in 2013. Bunty had stolen a car, laptop, two mobiles worth 28 lakhs from the businessman’s house. The Kerala police arrested Bunty six days after the theft incident. 

Bunty is one special pattern

According to police sources, Bunty had also talked about giving up crime but he has once again started committing theft incidents. According to media reports, Bunty executes the theft incident in a special pattern. This thief does all his theft incidents between 2 am to 6 am. To enter any house, Bunty tries to open the door or window with a long screwdriver or lever, apart from this he does not use any other tool. Also, Bunty’s target is luxury cars, foreign watches, antique furniture , things like jewellery. 

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