Sudan Violence: UN food agency stalled its work after three employees were killed in Sudan

Sudan Clashes: Clashes continue between the army and paramilitary forces in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. In the ongoing conflict, 75 people including one Indian have died. Hundreds of people are injured there. Three employees of the United Nations Food Agency are also included in the dead. Angered by this, the food agency has suspended work in Sudan. 

We are at risk, how do we act – WHO

He further said that we have reviewed the situation and found that the atmosphere is not workable right now. In such a situation, we are forced to temporarily stop all work in Sudan. WFP is committed to helping the Sudanese people facing dire food insecurity, but we cannot do our life-saving work if the safety of our teams is not guaranteed. All parties must come to an agreement, Once peace is established, we will continue to serve the people of Sudan. They are our top priority.

So far more than 75 civilians have died in the conflict between the paramilitary forces and the army in Sudan. An Indian is also included in the dead. Fierce firing and explosions started in Sudan’s capital Khartoum on Saturday. There is a conflict going on between the army and the paramilitary ‘Rapid Support Force’. 

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