BJP Reaction: Sushil Modi called CM Nitish’s statement on fertility rate a road sign, said- should apologize

Patna: Former Deputy Chief Minister and Rajya Sabha member Sushil Kumar Modi on Sunday said that the way Nitish Kumar used sexism on women on the issue of population control Commented, it is shameful. He should apologize for this. After joining RJD, Nitish Kumar is losing the dignity and sensitivity of the language. Such street-print statements on the Fertility Rate in a public program cannot be expected from the Chief Minister.

CM should withdraw the statement without delay – Sushil Modi

Sushil Modi said that BJP supports reducing the fertility rate and population control, but the way Nitish Kumar is only abusing women’s illiteracy and men’s arbitrariness for this, it is not appropriate for a Chief Minister. is indecent for Nitish Kumar should immediately withdraw the statement full of gender discrimination and sexuality. 

‘This is outrageous and offensive’

The former Deputy Chief Minister said that ‘Jo pyega, so marega’, addressing the opponents as ‘Tum-Tumko’ and talking about men having physical relations with women on a daily basis in a public gathering of women is extremely indecent and objectionable. What message does Nitish Kumar as Chief Minister want to give to the youth by telling that he used to chase girls in his college days.

Chief Minister said this

Let us tell you that the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council Samrat Chaudhary has shared a video. In this video The Chief Minister is saying that now the way men keep on adopting themselves everyday, but they do not keep in mind that we do not have to give birth to a child everyday. If a woman is educated, she understands everything, how to avoid everything.

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