Bikaner: Killing a piece of your own liver for a government job! parents killed 5 months old by throwing them in the canal

Rajasthan Crime News: In Bikaner district of Rajasthan, the misdeeds of Kalyugi parents have come to the fore. The couple threw the 5-month-old innocent girl into the canal. Hearing the sound of crying, people took the girl out of the water. Baby Anshu died due to the water being too cold. The hair-raising incident is from Chhatargarh police station area.

In the investigation of the police, it was revealed that the great sin was committed by the parents. The police have arrested the accused couple. Superintendent of Police Yogesh Yadav told that Jhanwarlal is a school assistant contract worker in Chadasar village. To save the government job, the father committed a public crime. Jhanwarlal had also included his wife in the heinous crime.

Parents threw innocent girl into canal, death

On Sunday evening, while going back to Diyatra from brother-in-law’s house located at Char CHD, the girl child was thrown into the Indira Gandhi Canal Project on the way. Jhanwarlal was on a bike with his wife and two children. People had seen a woman dressed in red throwing the child into the canal. People shouted seeing the innocent being thrown. Bike rider Jhanwarlal left with his wife.

On the sound of crying, people took the girl out of the canal. But by then he had died. On coming to know about the incident, the police put blockades in Chhatargarh and Khajuwala areas. The police team patrolling in Khajuwala stopped the bike of the couple. During interrogation, Jhanwarlal told to go to brother-in-law’s house. On suspicion, the police team also took photographs of the couple, Aadhaar card and bike.

He committed a great sin to save a government job

Jhanwarlal was allowed to go after taking the photo. When the top officials came to know, the couple was called for questioning. The couple was arrested after confessing during interrogation. Jhanwarlal had given the affidavit in the month of December last year. Two children were told in the affidavit. He was afraid that if he had more than two children, he would not get a government job.

In such a situation, he killed a girl by throwing her into the canal. Jhanwarlal thought that he would soon become a permanent government employee. The condition of government job is that there should not be more than two children. There are three children even after throwing a girl child into the canal. One daughter Jhanwarlal has given adoption to elder brother. She says that the girl accidentally fell into the canal. 

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