Bharatpur: Crime graph increased in the year 2022 as well, SP said- ‘…but there is a decrease in serious crimes’

Bharatpur Crime: Bharatpur district, which is called the eastern gate of Rajasthan, borders Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh and this is the reason why crime is more here. In the Mewat area of ​​the district, incidents of cheating and loot often happen. Not only this, incidents of firing and murder have also happened in the district. The situation is such that in the year 2022 there has been an increase in the crime graph in the district.

Action against illegal weapons 
Superintendent of Police Shyam Singh has informed that effective action has been taken against illegal weapons in the district Is. In the year 2020, 168 cases were registered. In 2021, 193 cases were registered, but in 2022, by registering 248 cases, more action has been taken against illegal weapons and in the year 2022, 242 criminals have been arrested. The District Superintendent of Police has told that by identifying 1050 challaned criminals in fire arms cases in the district for 7 years, by running a campaign against such criminals from December 01, 2022, out of 1050 criminals, 21 criminals have been registered a case under illegal fire arms. Action has been taken. 

Vehicle Checking
Under the direction of the District Superintendent of Police, the district police, by conducting a special campaign for random vehicle checking, checked 2 lakh 17 thousand 356 four-wheelers and two-wheelers in the year 2022 and 63 thousand 492 vehicles. 53 hundred vehicles were challaned and 505 vehicles were seized, in which 505 accused were arrested after registering 233 cases of theft. 

Action taken in MV Act for reduction in road accidents 
In order to reduce road accidents in the district, taking effective action, the police issued challans to 71 thousand 119 drivers, from which the year In 2022, a fine of Rs 1 crore 67 lakh 96 thousand 80 was recovered, in which drivers without helmets, drivers without seat belts, drivers driving at high speed, talking on mobile phones and driving under the influence of alcohol. Invoices deducted. 

Decrease in murder cases 
District Superintendent of Police has said that there were 101 murders in the district in the year 2020, then 99 in the year 2021 but in the year 2022, 88 cases of murder were registered. Huh. In 2022, 93 criminals have been arrested in the murder case. All the murders have also been disclosed by the police.        

60 percent false cases in women atrocities 
District Superintendent of Police Shyam Singh has told that in 2021, 303 cases were registered in women atrocities and in 2022, 334 cases have been registered. Challan was issued in 102 cases of rape and false cases were found in 201 cases. He said that about 60 percent false cases are registered. He said that people register a case of rape of a woman in a mutual fight or in old enmity. The case is investigated according to the FIR and the section is also imposed accordingly, but when the investigating officer investigates, the case is found to be false and FR has to be filed.

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