Barabanki: Elderly women murdered after rape, now Barabanki police searching for ‘serial killer’

UP News: In the Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh these days, an atmosphere of panic has developed around the Ayodhya border. The brutal murder of three women has created a sensation here. The police have not been able to reach the killer yet. At present, while releasing the photo of the suspected youth, he is being searched. 6 teams of Barabanki Police and STF have also been engaged in search of the killer.

Three women murdered after rape

On the other hand, there is a village named Ibrahimabad at a distance of four kilometers from Ramsnehighat Kotwali in Barabanki district. On 17 December 2022, the dead body of a 62-year-old woman was recovered from a field here. There was no cloth even on this dead body. In the postmortem report, it was found that the murder took place after strangulation. The killer was never found again. The first dead body was found in Ayodhya district and the second dead body was found in Barabanki. Police of both the districts started investigation at their own level.

After this, on December 29, a woman who had gone out for defecation went missing in Thatharha village, three kilometers away from Ramsnehighat police station. His body was found naked in the field on 30 December. This woman was also 55 years old and the pattern of murder was similar. The police were surprised as soon as this dead body was found. After getting the location of serial killer in Lucknow, STF has also been activated there. The SP has refused to consider the accused as a psycho killer. Whereas ASP Dr. Akhilesh Narayan Singh has told that the accused are suspects.

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