Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhi and Akshu’s haldi completes

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhi saying Akshu is here. He calls her. She picks the phone and takes his call. He asks where are you. She sees him and says behind you. He turns and runs to her. The guests leave. Manjiri asks why did Akshu take Abhinav’s name. Suwarna says we don’t know. Muskaan asks why not. Kairav stops her. Surekha says Akshu ran away from her haldi. Dadi says Muskaan, you can’t say whatever you want. Sujeet comes and holds Aarohi. She turns. He says girls get nervous before marriage, you have to stay strong for your family, if you want any help, then come to me. He goes. She says he is a nice person. Manjiri says I m scared, did Akshu leave Abhi again, he was getting his happiness after 7 years. Manish says don’t say this. She says groom’s mum can’t get happy if the bride leaves. Abhi says you can tell me if you don’t want to marry. Akshu asks when did I say that, I had to talk to you. He asks her to say. She says I want to tell something about Abhinav. Everyone is worried. Muskaan prays. Abhi and Akshu come home. Manish asks where did you go, everyone was worried. Akshu says sorry, I went leaving the rasam, I was helpless. Manjiri asks why. Akshu says because of Abhinav. Manjiri asks what do you mean. Akshu says he sold his taxi for Abhir’s surgery, he took loan for a new taxi, the loan lenders were troubling Neela, its my responsibility, I wanted to tell Abhi and take him along but he was busy here, so I had to go alone. Manjiri hugs her and says sorry, I was scared that you left this marriage function. Abhir comes and hugs Akshu. She says I can’t leave you and go. Ruhi says yes, I also told him, you can’t leave poppy and go. Akshu sits for haldi. Manjiri applies the haldi and blesses Akshu.

Everyone applies the haldi. Dadi gives a task to Aarohi. Sujeet comes and holds Aarohi. He asks do you want any help. She says no. He says just come to me if you want any help. He goes to the kids. Aarohi thinks why do I feel strange, no, he is a nice man, some people have such nature. Akshu tries to get up. Abhi gives his hand. Manjiri looks on. Akshu holds his hand. yeh Rishta kya….plays… Manjiri smiles and goes. Akshu asks are you upset, you just said okay when I told you everything. Abhi smiles and says you are stupid, I m proud of you, you kept Abhinav’s responsibilities. He gives her a kerchief and says I m carrying two hankys in every pocket. She smiles. He asks her to have juice. Everyone looks on and smiles. Dadi wards off bad sight. Akshu comes to meet Manjiri. She says why does she want to meet secretly. Manjiri holds her hand and says I came to explain you something, you had to leave the rasam today, I was so scared, think of Abhi, he has just loved you all his life. Akshu says I understand, trust me, I will never hurt you and Abhi purposely. Manjiri says I know, but promise me, Abhinav will never come between Abhi and you. Akshu is shocked. Manjiri asks her to say. Akshu says don’t say this, I have no faith after Abhinav left. Manjiri says Abhi and you are making a new start. Akshu says new relation is made on faith, not on conditions, Abhinav isn’t here, how will he come in between, you want me to forget him, how shall I forget him, I promised Abhi that I will give 100% to our marriage and value his word, Abhir’s upbringing and our friendship are the base of our marriage. Manjiri says he loves you, he is happy to get your support, he will have hope. Akshu says hope isn’t bad, we will try out best to face the fate’s challenges. Manjiri says I will wait for the hope to get fulfilled, take care of Abhi, if he doesn’t get your love, then he shouldn’t get your pain.

Manish jokes on Kairav. Kairav says you are making me massage your hands and saying my hands have no strength. Suwarna smiles. They all discuss the functions and puja. Kairav asks what gift will we give to Abhi and Akshu. Ruhi says we will gift them a puppy. Anand says its a big responsibility. Abhir says we will gift them a bike. Kairav says they already have it. Suwarna says we should give something good for their future, shall we gift them a farmhouse. Akshu comes. Manish says farming is necessary. Abhi comes. He asks what happened, why did you all get quiet. Aarohi says we are already calm. Ruhi says they are silent because of me. Akshu asks what is going on. Kairav and everyone lie. Abhir asks Manish to ask Akshu what gift she wants.
Abhi and Akshu see their mehendi. Aarohi pushes Sujeet. Akshu says we will show him what we can do. Aarohi slaps Sujeet. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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