Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Nitya Instigates Arjun Against Kashvi

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Romila silently enters Mrs Sabharwal/Daadi’s room while she is asleep to steal jewelry from locker. She succeeds in stealing jewelry and is about to leave happily when Daadi wakes up and stops her. Kashvi returns home and thanks god seeing Arjun asleep. Arjun wakes up and asks where she had been at midnight. Kashvi nervously says she was at home itself. Arjun asks why didn’t she wear night dress then. Kashvi says she was feeling headache and hence had gone out for a fresh air, she will change and sleep now. Arjun doesn’t believe her and walks near window to drink water. He is shocked to see Kabir in his car and fumes that Kashvi returned home with Kabir, Kashvi is cheating on him, he will not spare Kabir for trying to ruin his life. He gets Kabir out of his car and trashes him for trying to manipulate Kashvi and ruin her marriage. Kabir asks if he has lost it, he should ask Kashvi what she needs; Kashvi informed him the reason their marriage; Arjun wanted to marry Mahima and Kashvi is his second choice, but for him Kashvi is first choice and in fact he wanted to seek Kashvi’s hand from Nayan.

Arjun continues to trash Kabir and accuse him. Kashvi interferes and stops him. Arjun confronts her for lying to him and spending time with Kabir. Kashvi says she loves Kabir and asks Kabir why he is bothered when he doesn’t love her and married to save family’s dignity, he in fact agreed that he loves Mahim and her face reminds him of Mahima’s betrayal and he hates her face, he should spare her now and let her go with Kabir. She gets into Kabir’s car and leaves. Arjun gets into his senses when Nitya shakes him. He says Kashvi left with Kabir. Nitya hears Kashvi’s sound from bathroom. She takes Arjun to her room.

Daadi red handedly catches Romila stealing her jewelry. Romila says she took it to gift it to Mahima as her wedding gift. Daadi says it’s her jewelry and she will decide whom to gift it, she will never give it to Mahima who ruined their family’s dignity. Keval walks in and asks Romila what is she doing in Daadi’s room. Romila says she took jewelry to gift it to Mahima, but Daadi is accusing her as a thief. Daadi warns him to control his wife or else she will kick his wife out of the house like she kicked out Mahima. Keval takes Romila out and scolds her for creating problem. Romila says they will not get anything from daadi, but if they get into Mahima’s good books, they will get lots of gifts from her. Keval also gets greedy.

Arjun tells Nitya that he fears Kashvi is cheating on him with Kabir but fears talking to her. Nitya suggests him to talk to her and clear his doubt. She thinks Arjun loves Kashvi now, she should create misunderstanding between Arjun and Kabir and separate them if she wants to save herself.

Precap: Nitya thinks her FIL wouldn’t have revealed truth to Kashvi, so she should kill her FIL before he reveals truth to Kashvi. She disguised as a masked thief is about to stab her FIL when Kashvi enters and catches her.

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